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We offer a comprehensive service to partners and clients which extends across the six phases of delivering service change

Select any of the links to review case studies of work we have undertaken, supporting partners; from assisting in refining strategy through to long term sustainable management.

  • 1: Plan

    Developing the right strategy

    Health capacity mapping showing the impact of housing in Northampton

    CASE STUDY: We were pleased to lead a major review of the health estate across Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes. Our assessment considered the ability of the local health economies to meet current and future demand. It utilised our sophisticated modelling tools which have now been used by partners across the region. The quantification of capacity to meet demand is helping inform discussions around the Community Infrastructure Levy in a number of areas. Our approach gives local planning authorities a broad assessment of the required health infrastructure to meet proposed housing growth and its likely cost


    the right

    Case Study

  • 2: Specify

    Defining and scoping requirements

    A letter of thanks for successful sevice specification and procurement

    CASE STUDY: Our team supported the joint commissioner of the Drug and Alcohol service in Milton Keynes to generate a full service specification and successfully procure a new provider. The client wanted to introduce a performance related contract. Drawing on our expertise in supply chain procurement and utilisation of key performance indicators, we were able to generate documentation to support the commissioning and contracting of the service.


    Defining and scoping requirements

    Case Study

  • 3: Appraise

    Reviewing and reporting options

    Compilation photo of several building improvement schemes Norfolk

    CASE STUDY: Over a two month period, four successful business cases were submitted in Norfolk, gaining significant funding for improvements to a GP surgery, two health centres and a hospital. Making the case for public sector investment in times of auserity rightly requires a robust and persuasive case to be made. Each year we conduct option appraisals for clients and successfully gain several outline and full business case approvals. These range from those requiring a few thousand pounds to multi million pound hospital schemes.


    Reviewing reporting

    Case Study

  • 4: Design

    user centred

    A dramatic night photo of the Thetford Healthy Living Centre

    CASE STUDY: Our Thetford polyclinic's design won it a place in the Department of Health best practice guidance Health Building Note 11_01. Not only for its stunning architecture and interiors but for the significant role service users had in developing and supervising the scheme. Our public sector companies are not bound to any single design team or construction partner. We work with clients to put together the team that best meets their requirements from leading national players. On this project we took on board the local authority's designer on the adjacent site to enable the whole campus to have a single design theme and improve integration. Our building perfectly complements the neighbouring Enterprise Centre and the Councils leisure centre.


    Inspirational user centred design

    Case Study

  • 5: Implement

    Procure and deliver solutions

    Three images showing the rapid expansion of North Walsham Hospital using offsite construction

    CASE STUDY: Through our supply chain we were able to deliver a 24 bed inpatient facility in just 12 weeks. With a preselected and approved supply chain we can significantly reduce the time and cost of a full public sector procurement. In addition to modular solutions we also provide traditional construction, all meeting the highest public sector environmental and performance standards.


    Procure and

    Case Study

  • 6: Sustain

    Efficient and effective management

    Plowright Surgery Swaffham, in the foreground our CEO holds its national sustainability award

    CASE STUDY: Winner of a major national award and described as The most energy-efficient GP's surgery ever by sutainability watchdog, The Shine Network; the Plowright Surgery exceeds all the environmental criteria set by the NHS. It also exceeds the energy consumption targets, making it a cost effective building to run. It utilises materials and design to produce a small carbon footprint and is located within an area whose energy supplies are subsidised by sustainable sources. Most importantly the building achieves its green credentials without compromising on patient care or the working environment. It is a building that has delighted both visitors and staff since it opened. Sustainability does not just come from design, improved efficiency in systems and operating practices can add significant value to the public sector estate.


    Efficient and effective mangement

    Case Study

We have the resource and backing required to help solve infrastructure requirements through a variety of interventions that can be adapted to your needs and budget;

  • Small Capital Works: Resolving backlog and other maintenence issues
  • Medium Capital Schemes: Remodelling or refurbishing facilities
  • Large Capital Projects: Delivering a turnkey solution owned by the client
  • Lease Only: Facilities built and leased back to the client
  • Lease Plus: Fully managed solutions maintained for the life of the building

You can find examples of each model of delivery in our Portfolio